“It’s easy to miss life if you aren’t paying attention.”

Hello! I’m the woman behind the camera. I have always wanted to be a photographer. In fact, my diary from elementary school says, “When I grow up I want to be a photographer.” It also said “I want to be Kristi Yamaguchi.” but we will ignore that part. My gear has vastly improved from the $5 disposable cameras I used to use.

I have joined all my passions – technology, art, romance, and wedding buffets – to create a career that I love.

I started my photography business in Kelowna 2013. I have been received personal mentoring by internationally acclaimed photographers from around the world. I have attended CreativeLive classes in Seattle and invested over 2000 hours into my education. By 2015 I had been the recipient of several international photography awards and accolades and published in several magazines.

In addition to being a wedding and family photographer, I used my experience as an actor in film and TV to work in the camera department on various productions. I have held positions such as director of photography, 2nd AC, production assistant, and stills photographer to gain new experience and improve upon my skills.

Because of my background in dramatic arts and photojournalism, my photographic style lives on the dramatic side. I would not describe myself as a light and airy photographer but instead, one who looks to capture emotion and depth in each photograph.

I have been fortunate to photograph 200+ weddings and events, and over 300 family sessions for clients throughout British Columbia.

In 2019, I moved to Vancouver Island with my two crazy children and have been steadily building my business here since. Our days are filled with adventures around Vancouver Island, laughter, junk food and me occasionally yelling at them to stop doing backflips off the couch.

Lori Brown Photography Nanaimo
Kids in kelowna family giving piggy back rides
Kelowna photography | backyard kids playing


I lost my grandfather a few months after my son was born and I am constantly trying to keep his memory alive. My childhood was made brighter by him. My grandfather would have tea parties with me in tiny teacups, at a tiny table. The tea would be 80% sugar, 10% milk, and 10% tea. He taught me how to drive a tractor with a trailer in reverse, drive a stick shift, and catch crawdads. On his last days on earth he wanted to spend it with his family, and in his workshop sitting on his tractor. The small moments of visiting my grandparents meant Micky Mouse pancakes in the morning and shopping at the feedlot.

It’s these memories from my childhood that I don’t have documented in photographs. To share with my own children and for them to share with their children. I have a deep need to preserve these memories for families.

I grew up so fast, so have my children, and so too will yours.


If you see value in taking the time to have memories made for your kids, and your kids’ kids, then we should connect. Life is full of moments big or small. Quietly playing on the iPad or going to the beach with the kids. Doing laundry or making Micky Mouse pancakes. I am here for you, and I’d love to come and make the same types of photographs for your family that I’ve been missing.

Best of all, I’m fun, funny, and I’ll grow to be a part of your family.

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