We all love Pinterest. We can admit that, can’t we? I mean, Pinterest is a place where people collect things they love, and so naturally Pinterest is full of all the pretty things! This can make wedding planning more fun than going to the candy store when you’re 8 with a pocket full of nickels!

But for wedding photographers and many other wedding vendors, Pinterest can be a real drag.

It was my first year of shooting weddings and I was learning the ropes, and all of my brides from that year (nearly 20!) all provided me with an emailed file of hundreds of photos from Pinterest that they wanted to recreate on their wedding day. I didn’t know better at the time and so I thought this might make the day go smoother, but in fact it was a nightmare. It’s not the bride’s fault. They just want beautiful images from one of their most spectacular day, and since I’ve learned and grown as a photographer since then I wanted to write this post to explain all the reasons why this is not a good idea.

1. I don’t want to copy another photographer.

A photographer worked hard to create that image. They took their experience, their skill, and their personality and poured it into that image. I don’t want to be known for a body of work that I didn’t creatively build myself. Being inspired is one thing, but outright copying is another and I won’t do it.

2. Your location is unique.

You sent your photographer a bunch of beautiful images where the bride and groom are kissing in an open wheat field. Dreamy! Too bad your location is downtown in a small park. You want adorable images of a flower girl in front of a big mirror in a fancy hotel with the brides reflection in the background as they lovingly gaze at each other. You are getting ready in your mom’s kitchen, and there is no mirror. See where I’m going with this?

3. Your lighting is unique.

Many people don’t know this, but photography is about light. Finding light, the source of the light, the direction, the color, the intensity. You gave your photographer 40 images of you as a couple in golden hour. The sun is shining between the bride and groom’s face creating this star-like glow… Magical! Except on your wedding day your formals are in mid-day sun at noon. Not going to happen.

4. I don’t have time to read.

I personally rely on my experience in photojournalism to concern myself with capturing moments. These are completely unplanned events, side-glances, hilarious antics, split-second teardrops. I MUST be mentally present at all times in order to capture and expose for these images. If I am arms deep in pages and pages of printed off Pinterest photos I will miss every single moment. I guarantee it. So you as a bride need to decide what’s more important. And thankfully, my clients hire me because these moments ARE important to them.

5. I’m cheap.

I’m not going to use up all my color ink and paper printing off these Pinterest pages. I just won’t. Especially because I don’t want to.

6. Trust is #1.

If you don’t trust in your photographers ability to capture and create stunningly beautiful photographs for your day then you probably hired the wrong photographer.

When your day is over, all you will have left is your photos. Your memories will fade faster than a helium balloon in the sky. The urge to control each photograph that is produced by dictating directive poses and coloring suggestions shows that you perhaps either lack faith in your photographers skill because they aren’t entirely skilled (a budget photographer perhaps?), or you are a nervous bride, and that’s ok. But have faith that your day will unfold wonderfully and beautifully.

So in conclusion, leave those Pinterest images on your Pinterest and have a chat with your photographer. If you have unique events at your wedding or a significant heirloom that you would like photographed just communicate that, and we will be sure to include images of what’s most important to you for you to cherish forever and ever and ever and ever and ever.

Lori Brown

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