How long is a family session?

Family sessions are typically one hour long, with the exception of day in the life sessions which are 3 hours. I offer additional time slots for larger families or home sessions by request.

Does my session fee include my images?

The session fee covers my time preparing for your shoot, photographing your family, and editing all of your images. Following your session you’ll have the opportunity to purchase digital files or print products. I offer collections of products as well as options a-la-carte. No matter your budget, there is an option for you.

Is this only for families with young kids?

Absolutely not! I have done sessions for couples in their eighties, to families with adult children, to expectant mothers, to new parents. Each stage of life should be celebrated and documented!

What do we need to plan for an outdoor session?

For documentary sessions please plan a minimum of three activities that encourage family interaction and participation. Some great activities include shovels and buckets, water guns and toys, kites, beach balls or potato sacs for a race. Activities will keep everyone having fun and in the moment so that I can get the most natural images out of your session. For lifestyle sessions you don’t need to plan anything.

What should we wear?

Dress casually and comfortably, and dress for the weather. Layering is always a good idea. I encourage people to avoid overly matching outfits as this can come across looking cheesy. This genre of photography looks best when it’s natural. For beach sessions wear clothes you can get wet, dirty, or do cartwheels in! Please avoid bright whites, and clothing with large visible logos or words.

How long will it take to receive our photos?

Approximately 2-4 weeks.

Are you insured?

Yes. I hold liability insurance as well as insurance to cover my equipment on and off-site.

How do I receive my images?

Once your images are ready, you will receive an email with a link to view your images in a proofing gallery. If you purchase your entire gallery, a download link will be added to your proofing galley. If you purchase individual downloads you will get a separate email with a link to download. Print and product purchases will be mailed to you. After you receive digital files please download your images and back them up on a separate hard drive as images are not kept by me indefinitely.

Do I own the copyright?

You will receive a personal license to use your images. The original copyright is owned by me. What does this mean?

Yes: Make prints, albums, post them online (I love it when clients tag my page as this shows appreciation of my work and allows me to stay in business).

No: You cannot sell them or profit from them in any way, alter them (croping, filters, photoshopping are all no-nos) or distribute them to vendors. I will do this to ensure that the vendors have the correct usage rights.

In a nutshell, what is documentary family photography?

Documentary family photography is a form of storytelling, capturing authentic moments and emotions. These sessions are highly personalized and focused on genuine interactions. There is no pressure to pose or smile, no reluctant participants, no matching outfits, no bribery, no stress. These sessions are there to capture the REAL stuff that passes by all too quickly in life. To show their missing teeth, their messy hair, the hysterical giggles, the pouts, the love.

What if my kids cry or have a tantrum during our session?

Children tend to fuss more during posed portrait sessions. The reason behind this is because they are forced to sit, stand or look happy when they aren’t doing something they actually enjoy. During documentary sessions children often lead the session. We follow their cues to get show life through their eyes. During my more posed lifestyle sessions I tend to make it as fun as I possibly can during posing, but don’t be surprised if your little one doesn’t last the entire hour – this is common.

Are you like a fly on the wall?

I am definitely not a fly on the wall. I am far too big of a personality to sit quietly and spy on you. I laugh and joke with you. Your children usually show me all of their favorite things, their cool tricks. Dogs bring me balls to throw. I spend time interacting but know when a beautiful moment is happening it’s time to sit back quietly and document it.

What if we’re boring?

No one is boring! You’d be surprised at how the little moments that are happening turn out to be some of the most interesting images. It’s my job to look for unique and beautiful way to photograph the “boring moments”.

Do you offer ANY posed photos?

During my documentary beach sessions I offer 15 minutes of posed portraits at the beginning. During lifestyle sessions you will be guided into poses and prompted to “do stuff”. I want everyone having fun during their session. During day in the life sessions, there is no posing.

What do people normally do with their images?

These images are best displayed in an album or a wall display. Wall displays can be prints or canvas prints. Kids LOVE to show off the albums whenever company visits.

What do people say about these sessions?

My clients choose this type of session because they are looking for something special, different and are drawn to my photo-journalistic approach to family photography.

Wives call me after their session and say, “That was SO much fun! My husband hates his photo being taken but he loved it! Thanks again!”

I’ve had SO many families tell me afterwards that it was nothing like they thought it would be. I have been so fortunate to book the same families year after year to document their family and important milestones! I’ve watched babies grow into children, and that means something to me.

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